Call Us Today! 1-800-237-3933
Call Us Today! 1-800-237-3933

Pump Inventory

Capitol Vacuum maintains an inventory of used and refurbished turbopumps available at a fraction of the cost of new. The following pumps are completely refurbished, in stock and ready for shipment. This inventory list is updated daily.

Pump Manufacturer Pump Model # Price Quantity
Edwards EXT255H $3500.00 1
Edwards EXT75DX $2450.00 2
Leybold TW700 $8000.00 1
Varian V250 $3250.00 1

We also have about 100 turbopumps of all types available to be rebuilt to order, usually within a few days of receiving your order. Please call us at 800-237-3933 to inquire about availability for your needs.

Turbomolecular Pump Warranty
Capitol Vacuum offers a 12 Month warranty on turbomolecular pump refurbishing services and refurbished products. The warranty covers all parts used and workmanship performed in the process of the repair, when the pump is installed and maintained in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications. Failure due to contamination (either inlet or foreline), overheating due to improper cooling, installation, or use; improper venting, sudden gas overloads, etc., is not covered. Motors (rotor and windings), thermal sensors, and any attached accessories are not covered by this warranty.

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